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February 11, 2009



Your bed looks like my desk after a creative stretch, ha ha! Gabe looks so cute :)

Sharon Bennett

I just wish I had an area that I could spread out like that. I am using a small 2'x 4' table I bought at Target. But I have it in front of a book case so I can put stuff on the shelves in front of me. Sharon


No sandpaper??? ROFL!!!! I love your messes Nance, makes me feel normal! Love the collage so much.

Wasn't that bizaare weather we had yesterday? After the storm blew through, the sun was almost blinding! Then on the other side of my cabin the sky was dark navy blue! I looked for the rainbow! I knew there had to be one! Glad that your daughter was able to capture it so I could still see it! Gabe it just too cute!! Have a great day girrrrrl! xox

Teri Leigh

I thought I was the only one who created journal pages on my bed. Whew, I'm not so wierd after all. Thanks for sharing!


Hi Nancy. I come visit every so often to just peruse pages and pages to drink in your artyness. Today was such a day. Such sweet eye candy collageness.

Thanks and happy day o love to ya. :-)))


Judy Scott

the mess is worth it for your wonderful art ~ lots of love Judy xxx


Your work is gorgeous, thank you so much for sharing and your inspiration. An I love your bed;o)


Great pieces and I just had to laugh when I say those little legs hanging out of the crib! Priceless!! :)

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