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September 09, 2008



You've been in a writing mood I see, there is so much text on these pages! I love this style too Nancy, it would be you to do a style-change and totally be the best at that too! hehe! can't wait to see what you'll do with those yummy colored papers! send some over? hehe.


I'm a junky for embellishments - I love the various found items you use in your cool black, white and red journal. It's awesome!


Nice work, Nance :)


love the journal pages! do you do 1 page all in 1 sitting? or do you do it a little at a time? I started my 1st altered book/journal, but feel like I am struggling with it instead of just letting go! well, thanks for the great inspiration on your blog!


I love your pages! do you do one page all at one time? or just as it comes to you? thanks for the inspiring blog!

Paula Bogdan

I am loving this color combo..and love seeing all the words!


Thank you everyone! xoxo :O)

Trish...I do one layer at a time...starting with a layer of paper...let dry...layer of white paint/or gesso...let dry...more and more layers journaling is done usually in the evenings when my mind is full and want to let go of it all! :O) These pages usually take anywhere from 1 to 3 days!!...So usually I do a spread all at once...and then another...then have plenty to sit back and journal...and add more paper LOL

Rini Boer

Your red ,white ,and black journal is great to see !


I love these pages - I'm inspired!

xox - eb.

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