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July 18, 2007



*gasp* See?! I told you that you would do something cool with those newspapers! Flippin' fantastic book! Can't wait to see what you fill it with, my dear.



Too cool! I've seen Teesha's journal how-to before, but haven't tried it yet. Love the cracker box idea! Now you've got me picturing a whole shelf full of food journals LOL!


Hi Nance,

Great idea with the cracker box, you are SOOO creative! The tutorial was great, but I probably won't be making my own journal for a while - I've got a few blank books and a TON of unblank ones that I can use for journals in the foreseeable future, LOL! Great stuff, girl!


NOw I'm encouraging the kids to hurry up and eat those crackers so I can try this! What a great way to recycle.


Wow! love this nance. Beautiful work! I have to try this!!! xo miss yous! L.

Tracey MacLeod

Very cool! I do all kinds of bok binding & never thought to do this! sweet! will have to give it a whirl!


the cracker box was the best idea ever!!
I'm going to go down and empty something into a jar and use the box!


i did finally make a journal that night.
not with the cracker box or the teesha tutorial though. just on my own, in the way i found most simple (without awl, without canvas board, anything. I just needed a nice big book that would open flat and look lovely ;))- process is blogged at my blog.
but i will have to try this sometime.
and thank you, the major push in the direction on making a journal on my own came from this post :)

Kari McKnight-Holbrook

wow great idea! thanks for sharing!

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