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April 20, 2007


Suzie Q

Loving it all, Nance - especially the freebie, which I now have a few copies of! ;) Thank you very much :)
I'll post when I've done something with 'em - I may be some time!
Glad to hear you sounding so chirpy.
Loads of Love & big Hugs for ya,
Suze xXx


Love these!


Cool beans! They look great! I'm glad you're back!


Love it,love it Nancy!!! So kind of you to share although I feel bad about using someone else's background! Why is that?


LOve your journal pages and the shared background is wonderful!!! fun colors!!! I love it but I too find it hard to use someone else's backgrounds!!!!! not sure why???images are different I think but I think everyone has their own way of making or creating backgrounds!!! yours are awesome and YOU!!! lovely!!!!!!!!
HUgs Linda


So glad you like it Suze! Have fun darlin! xoxo Nance


Thank you so much Dawn! xoxo Nance


Thank you Darce! Don't feel bad about it! It's a freebie!! :D xoxo Nance


Thank you Linda! I agree with you! If you choose to use it your welcome to it darlin! xoxo Nance


You are such a nut! :) I love pink, too. I love art journaling. The actual journaling part allows me to work though a lot of things. I will often do the designing of the pages and work on those for a while and then put the journaling in when I am ready. The writing part stays private, but the whole process is AWESOME! You do a great job of encouraging all of us to journal. xoxo, fran

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