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October 30, 2006



AHA! FINITO AT LAST! And what have you learned from this challenge Miss NB? Do tell! We all enjoyed your sharing them!


Applause! You Finished! Yay! You have more dedication than I do. Hugs!


Hey Darcy! They taught me to stick with a challenge no matter what..I need to be challenged and often...I also learned not to use Country Home magazine for these types of projects lol..Sorry CH..but I think that is the whole idea is to use what you have...It got me away from my usually quirky stuff!


You did it! I finished today, too. :) It feels good to get through a challenge of something you normally wouldn't doesn't it?


Way to go with the collages. A challenge is a challenge is a challenge?
Loves you.


Yay, Nance! You did it! I can't believe how long it's been since I've managed to comment here, I have so much catching up to do! I loved your collages, and have been inspired to have a go myself. Now then, what's next for you? lol! :)

Q xXx

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