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October 26, 2006



Tsk! I don't know, flattering us on the one hand, while calling us nasty names on the other! What ARE you like, Nancy B! ;) LoL!
Brenda is a lucky lady indeed - I wanna come & play at Nance's! Waaaaa!
I love all your AB pages,Nance, and can't believe the pace you set! No wonder I'm feeling so s-l-o-w! Marvellous work, as always. It looks like a thick book - you won't be able to pick it up by the time you've altered all those pages! :D
Keep up the great work, Nance, you are SUCH an inspiration!
Love to you & the family x
Hugs, Q xXx


I think this family collage is my fave so far! And I can see changes in your work on flickr. Good changes. Perhaps this challenge is helping to take you in new directions.
Oh and as far as the cleaning, I am the same way here! It never stays clean for long so some days, I just shake my head and sigh, and walk away from it all. Like my mom used to say...there's always tomorrow! Up with art! Down with housecleaning! lol
hugs to you NB!


Wow! Great collage and such amazing journal pages, too. I find your work inspiring!

hugs to you!


Priceless ~ absolutely. Keep it up ~ not sure why I say as I know you will. You must be feeling better. YES!
Hugs & back to you later.


hehehe Suzie! You know I loves ya! :D that would be so fun if you and the rest of the blog sistas were here to play along! thank you on the art pages! I usually have a few built up over a few days and then post dont think your slow just slow at posting them daily lol...the book isnt quite half full yet..long ways to go! Love to you and yours!


Thanks Darcy! A change hu! :D Thats what I'm going for...trying to stay away from TM collage sheets..ohhhh its so hard LOL YES! Down with housecleaning LOL I wish!


Thank you Fran! Hugs!


Thanks Wendy! ha ha Yupperz! feeling lots better thank you! :D A touch on the ornery side hehe Hugs!

mary ann

hi nance!

finally finding some time to visit & seriously catch up>>>>girl how do you do it??? you've been BUSY!

hooray for you nance!!!!!!! i love your collage pieces for the cps challenge...wish i could do those, but i am kinda having a full plate over here, lol!

well, i will just live vicariously through you, wendy & other collage artists {smile}...

my dh is not feeling well (has a wicked of a stomach flu!) but i wanted to pop by to say hey, loves ya right back hon!

xoxoxo, mar


Hellooo Mar! I really dont know how I do it either lol just happens...its a wonder I get anything done at all lol...Thank you for your sweet comments! Hugs!
Hopefully youll get a little free time this weekend to art! I hope your hubby gets better soon! Ucky flu! Poor guy! Glad you stopped by! Much love!

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