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October 27, 2006



awww...what a sweet post this was. love your daughter's painting! she's got the gift of color like her momma! I love what you told them. I also always wanted to be a nurse. kinda got my wish in a different care of my dad for years and now my momma, but all that reading did end up being used for something! lol! I do need to focus on the joy of caring for others more. your post inspired me. hugs, Lia

p.s. hope you get a suprise in the mail today! he he he....


Lia you do a great job darlin! Your doing just fine! A surprise hu! It's not my birthday! lol What did I do! hehe I will let you know when it arrives! :D The Karma is coming around again! I have just about everyones address there might be something in all my sistas mail boxes really soon! You just never know when!:D *Big Grin* Loves ya! Mummy hugs!


I love windows. And yes my daughter is that way to. She can sit and create and not really agonize over it all...just let go. Gee, we sure cam learn a lot from our kids! Now, hurry up so we can see teh next collage! lol


Thank you so much for sharing this lovely painting by your daughter. It's so important to get kids to do what they love and it's clear that your daughter loves to paint! It's so vibrant and is painted with so much feeling! *hugs*


You are giving your girls such good advice. The painting is great...I think it's great you have two little artists who want to create like their Mom. Hugs!


Awwww...Nance, you are such a lovely Mummy! Your girls all have such beautiful names, and they obviously take after you with their creativity! Wonderful painting by Jessica! Oh, to be so free & easy with the paints! ;) It's beautiful!

Big Hugs xXx

mary ann

how wonderful! i wouldn't be the least surprised if your lovely girls become artists like you! um, you better start making room for them in your studio, lol!

xo, mary ann

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