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September 23, 2006



I thought this came out really cool! Can't even imagine working that small! I'm already half blind! lol


One inch by one inch! Yikes! I have a hard time finding big things like ~ "where did I put All that new thread and embroidery cotton?!?*#!" But I REALLY like this one.
About the RR ~ "altered feathers" I don't think so. What about small home made books? That's not the right name, and I don't know yet how to make them, but just a thought for when we're all in a better state of mind.


LOL thanks Darcy! I think I am going to go lay down now lol


Oh I hear you on that Wendy lol. I thought Suzies "altered feathers" comment was hilarious! Still giggling hehe..yes in a better state of mind...werks fer me! :) hugs!


Ah yes! 'A better state of mind'! I look forward to it! ;)
I was joking about the feathers, btw, glad you saw the funny side Nance :)
Wendy, that is a brilliant idea - I've wanted to try making a book for ages, but haven't yet - excellent! We could make small ones that are easy to post - like you said, when we're all in a better state of mind...get our heads together later then! ;) I do hope we are all just as synchronised when it comes to feeling better! lol! :)
Chrysti's miniatures are amazing, btw! Such patience...

Love & Hugs

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