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August 25, 2006


mary ann

these are wonderful nancy!!! amazing really!

i'm gonna try your tutorial...suzie q showed/told how wicked fun & easy that is!

thank you my dear for teaching us that technique & I CAN"T WAIT to see the lovely artpiece with my baby face!!!!

hugs, mary ann xo


Oh, Nancy, I am blown away! 'Choose the Path of Least Resistance' ~ fantastic! :)
I love these art pages of yours, and am so touched that you were inspired to create these by reading our blogs..
I saw Wendy's post that you refer to aswell, and I couldn't agree more! I love Wendy's blog ~ she writes so beautifully :)
I can't wait to get going on making some pages of my own now, with the wonderful backgrounds I will be making lots of, thanks to you! Just have to get my boy off to work tonight and then I'll play some more.. :)
It's been a harrowing week this week and I am truly grateful for your beautiful inspiration!
Love ya loads xXx
Big Hugs ((((x))))
Suzie xXx


These are wonderful. You are so inspiring. I need to find myself some great collage faces....any ideas where I should look?


Thank you so much for this lovely art. I feel touched. Here come the tears. Thank you always for your comments, your love and prayers. I really haven't had much time to reply or to write, or post, even though the ideas are flowing rapidly in my mind. Thanks Suzie also for your kind comment about my blog and writing.
PEACE and hugs xXx


Thank you Mary Ann! I hope you enjoy the tutorial! :)


Awww Suzie! It is so awesome to have a friend like you and all my blog sista's...all of you are so special to me! words cannot express...I just know kindred spirits when I see them! :)


Thanks Terri! :) The best place I know for these cool faces are at look under collage...she has many many cool collage sheets....they are 3 and 4 usd...also a good place to look is in fashion magazines or any really...I know I need to find faces of my own and add my touches to them...I have a few collage sheets of my own but nothing like Teesha Moores.


Awww Wendy for the very short time I have known are one special gal! :) bless you darlin....Ahh shucks! I feel a group hug coming on LOL :D


YES! I LOVE group hugs. :o))))

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