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February 23, 2009



So so sorry about the cats Nance, that's horrible. I'm so glad my kitty comes in at night, or even before dark each day!

Love the journal pages, now I'm inspired... :-)

Take care!


Ooooohh I love this page! You have the best imagination! I'm working on it!! I had a case of artblock earlier and decided I needed to get the heck outta here, I grabbed my keys and did just that! I came home, made coffee and feel better :D

We have a Bobcat up here around the mountain, so I hear, I have never seen it. I don't let my kitties outside, even though they try and sneak out! I'm so sorry to hear about hurt kitty, breaks my heart you know!

Sorry about Tom Tom! Tom Tom is a Dumb Dumb! ROFL!!!!


Gorgeous piece of work!

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