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December 05, 2008


Kim Hutchinson

I am so happy this story ended in a happy way! What a hero indeed!! It made me cry to think of the loss for this man!

Lisa Gallup

Wow, Nancy!! How terrifying, yet how proud I know you must be of your man!!


Congratulations on having your man by your side. He's a keeper for sure. Thank goodness he's safe.



Men are amazing.

Paula Bogdan

Oh, wow! This is an amazing story, and you have an amazing man!


wow. that is just amazing and well beautiful.


Not that you haven't already, but make sure you give your husband two extra hugs from me. What a brave and heroic thing to do. He saved a man's life without a second thought. I'm flabberghasted by his kindness.


Wowwww....what a story! I bet you all couldn't believe it was really happening! He was a very lucky man to have your husband as a neighbor! I hope he will be okay- what an amazing story you shared with us, and what an amazing husband you have! Love and hugs to you all!! x0x0x


WOW! Big cheers for your hubby! Amazing bravery!


Oh my goodness-thank god it had a happy ending-your husband really is a hero!!


Whoosh! TG that it was a happy ending and suffice to say that I imagine that you all have had enough excitement to last you through the following year.

Joann Loftus

What a brave man your hubby is! You must be so proud of him and happy everyone is safe! Take care, Nancy! ~Joann


Your Husband is one brave man. He did great when so many others would have panicked in this situation. I would have been a basket case too. Kuddos to you all.

suzie q

GO BOB!!! My word, Nance, you have a real goodun there! Glad to hear that everyone is safe. Huge Hugs all round xXx Suze xXx

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