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November 12, 2008



Great costumes!! Why didn't YOU put one on???ROFL ROFL ROFL...heheheh...Great journal pages too!! I have missed you!!! I have been SO busy!!!!

Nancy B

Hi Suzan! I have missed you too girl!!! And ha ha ha very funny brat!! lol Many hugs and love

Hannah Rose


i dont think i have ever commented before on your blog but i check in everyday just to see if your added something new!! but besides that i have to say i never thought u were old enough to be a granny!!!! im still in shock, your profile pic does u credit!!!




Gunn Mandal

So nice to see something from you. Great art. And of fun for me to see the photos of you on Halloween. Here in Norway we do not celebrate Halloween quite like you yet, but I Guess if you give us some years from now, we will celebrate, we are on the path.
My arm is so much better, so I will be more activ on the group posting.
Take care. :-)


Girl! I have missed you so much you don't even know! I love all the pictures! Yall, crazy things! Yessss Gabe is the cutest lion ever, I want to come there and hug and kiss him! Your family is beautiful even when they are dressed up for Halloween! Are you going to dress up next year??? Hee hee! Nice to see your new amazing art, it's wonderful! Stay in touch so I won't worry :D x0x0x Shelly


What a relief! I've been jonsing for some of your art. Your famiily is adorable, and I just want to eat little Gabe up. He really does have the cutest face and that expression! I can't wait until I have grandbabies. Wait, I didn't mean exactly that... These collage are super.I've hada bit of a break too just due to general busyness, but I've done 3 journal pages in 2 days and it feels so good. I think I'm in my Teesah Moore phase. Now to finish one more!


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