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April 18, 2008



Thank you so much Nancy for thinking of me and "passing the pico" on to me. I love your journal pages so much and am honored that you are inspired by my blog! Thanks!!!


It was me that asked about the special commission, but due to life kicking my arse, I was unable to respond...Hold on and as soon as I can breathe, we can connect!


Long time, no talk lady! Seems things are going well, save for a couple possessed computer appliances.

Love the page! Your work always astounds me. Hugs!

kathy McCreedy

Hi Nancy! I had absolutely NO idea you'd honored me with this award! I am thrilled and humbled, and I am SO sorry I missed this somehow! Much, much too kind of you... I guess we really have no idea how we might touch others' lives, without even being aware of it. As to the post above with the WIP, and the quote you wrote... prior to seeing this award, I was going to leave a comment to tell you I think it's really quite wonderful just the way it is. (And I don't give out compliments without sincerity). I think it is quite charming, and I'm not sure what would possibly improve it. Perhaps you should leave it for a couple weeks and then take a new, fresh look at it. I think you'll see it differently after taking a break from it. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for the kind words and award. It means the world to me, and the award comes (today, for me), on a morning when I really need it. All my best! K.

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