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September 27, 2007



Oh my goodness, you make me laugh!!! I can't draw hands or feet either but I think I'm going to give myself creative license and draw big bewbies in my portrait :)



This picture encompasses every morning for me - although I'm not up so early and I have different jammies. Very cool.

And YOU are one hilarious chick! LOL!

Judy Wise

Love the bewbies. I always give them special attention ... sometimes they are circles and sometimes more. Once I had an illustration for a children's book sent back because I made the cleavage too obvious. I mean, the woman was a dance hall girl! I thought she should have some big ones. lol.



you should rename this post "titts and ass" - you outdid youself girl!



YES.........What a clown lmao.........HERE BABE......*Hands you a mallet for that coocoo clock*...snickers...awesome art

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