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June 05, 2007



I love using the end of the thread spool in my work.

Excellent suggestions ...


Ooo. I'd never have thought about putting the mouse pad under the paper before stamping...I shall try all your ideas and let you see the final result!

Sharon at Norah'S

love the mouse pad tip. thanks,

Paulette Insall

Ooo Nancy what a fabulous post!!! I already am using sequin waste, soda/drink lids, and empty disposable cups/containers and now I have a few more new things to try!!!! Now I gotta go dig out my thread spools and see if Aiden has one of those disposable paint trays lying got me all jonesin' to paint now girl! I really should have been painting all morning, but after staying up so late the past two nights working on new paintings for my show on Saturday, I was having a hard time getting started today....not anymore! :D Thanks hon!

Oh and a few things to add to your list that I'm using constantly right now....old prescription pill bottles and lids, lids to discarded hair products like for pump hairsprays/hair gels and mousse, and ends of ink droppers/eye droppers (makes great organic dot shapes).

I really want to go pull all my "everyday object" art tools out now and do up a blog post like this too! But I wanna paint too now....hmmmmm....well painting's gonna win :D...but I'll be sure to send you a link when I get it up. Thanks again for the inspiration!!! xo


This is a wonderful idea! Maybe now I can save some money. I swear, the people at the craft store know me by name.



Hi Nance,

I tried your magazine portrait painting and put it into my latest journal page. I wasn't sure how it would come out, so I didn't glue it in first, I put double-sided adhesive sheet on the back then put it in AFTER it turned out ok, LOL! Thanks a bunch for the technique. I uploaded the page into my flickr, also added it to Journal Junk - see it at: Kat :)


Y'all gotta check out Michelle Ward's "Cheap Tricks" challenge on her blog: Check out the links on the left nav under Crusade #8, people show the different "cheap tricks" that they use to make art!


Last night I created a page using the bottom of a Red Bull can, a bottle top, a paper towel, the bottom of a round wood-handled stencil sponge, and a textured non-slip drawer liner. It was a lot of fun! Here's a picture:

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